Private Aromatherapy and Herbalism Session

Aromatherapy is the practice of utilizing essential oils for therapeutic effects while herbalism is the practice of using plant material for holistic healing.

I combine both practices to create custom blends targeted for your specific needs.

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In this session we will review your health intake form together, address your concerns and get a starting point for blends that work for your wants, needs, and lifestyle.

We will discuss scent and absorption preferences, skin sensitivity, and any health contraindications so I can formulate a custom blend for you.

  • A full intake session including health and lifestyle discussions (1 hour)
  • A custom herbal and aromatic blend formulation that will be created and delivered to you.
  • A one month supply (minimum) of a custom product made for you.
  • A weekly check-in email where we can discuss any questions or concerns.
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What happens during an aromatic and herbal consultation?

Intake Your herbal process stars with an intake form that will have you address your biggest concerns and why you'd like to meet with a herbalist and aromatherapist. This form takes about 15 minutes to complete and will help me understand the heart of your current concerns.

Aromatherapy + Herbalism Session This will be a web call via Zoom where we will discuss your intake form together, chat about your health history, and your current lifestyle. We will chat about any stressors, internal or external that are affecting your overall health. Of course, your boundaries are respected and you are welcome to share as much as you feel safe with.

Together we will chat about scents where we discuss your preferences, discuss positive olfactory memories, and discuss application methods that feel safe and comfortable for you.

Formulation + Creation While you won't be present for this session, this is the most important step. I will dive into medical research and create a blend to support your desired outcome. I will provide the reasoning for each ingredient selection and send you a one-month supply (minimum) of your blend along with detailed instructions on how to effetely use the blend.

My formulation process is unique in the fact that I use both herbal extractions and essential oils and source organic, organically grown, and organically crafted ingredients for the highest possible quality. With some blends being cold-pressed from a month-long infusion and others being French-pressed decoctions, there is herbal essence at every level of your blend.

Continued Support I will check in with you weekly via email to see how you're doing and answer any questions.