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Shower Steamers

Shower Steamers

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Transform your shower experience with our shower steamers! These powerful steamer tablets release soothing aromatherapy scents that invigorate your senses. Elevate your daily routine and start your day off with a refreshing shower that will leave you feeling revitalized. Say goodbye to dull showers and hello to a spa experience.

A quantity of one is for a pack of 3 large and 3 small.

How To Use:

Place into an area of your shower that will get a bit of water passively splashing on it, but away from an area you will step on. I love putting my steamers on a shelf near the stream.


We believe in ingredient transparency and are proud of every ingredient that we choose intentionally.

  • Sodium Bicarbonate (commonly known as baking soda!)
  • Citric Acid (this is found in lemon juice!)
  • USDA Organic lavender buds infused in USDA Organic witch hazel extract
  • Essential Oils (we source a majority of USDA organic oils too!)

Optional Ingredients:

  • USDA organic herbs or garden grown herbs from our very herb garden, dried, and carefully sprinkled in your steamer.

Scent Options:

  • Lavender (USDA Organic Lavender Essential Oil)
  • Breathe Easy (Eucalyptus + White Pine + Nordic Pine + Cedarwood + Peppermint + USDA Organic Lavender infused USDA Organic Witch Hazel)

Scientific Studies on Lavender Essential Oil:

The Effect of Lavender on Sleep Quality in Individuals Without Insomnia

Effects of lavender on anxiety: A systematic review and meta-analysis


  • Recyclable paper packaging (the cover is NOT plastic, it is cellulose which is biodegradable and can also be composted or recycled).

About Happy Little Herbs:

  • We are a 100% woman-owned business.
  • Bethany Stahl is an aromatherapist gaining certification through a school accredited by The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), The Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA), and The American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), is a herbalist, and has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and has studied extensive organic chemistry.
  • She has handcrafted every formula and crafts every product by hand.

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The statements made and products sold by Happy Little Herbs, LLC have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products, statements, opinions, views expressed, ideas, and suggestions are opinions of Happy Little Herbs, LLC and are meant for informational purposes only. They are not meant to be used to diagnose, treat, prescribe, prevent or cure any disease or to administer in any manner to any physical ailments and are not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a trained health professional. We do not and cannot guarantee any specific results with use of this product.
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